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CanYa & Ties – Official Partnership

Another day, another amazing partnership! The value of CanYa is clear and we are proud to announce our new partnership with Ties.


Ties.db is a public low-latency, low-cost, decentralised NoSQL database with replicable storage from nodes. This is an extremely promising technology that will allow users around the world to use spare capacity to earn by storing Ties data. CanYa will look to implement the Ties.db technology as part of the CanYa Decentralisation Roadmap.
CanYa is a P2P services marketplace and is a partner in decentralisation

Quick History

Ties first unveiled their whitepaper in April 2017. Their Token Generation Event started in September 2017, and they look to raise $USD33m. The team is headed by Alexander Neymark and Dmitry Kochin, who have a strong experience in successfully launching disruptive technology.
CanYa and Ties partner, Alexander Neymark and Dmitry Kockin the founders

Unique Features

The Ties.DB incorporates a network of nodes that store and replicate user-data. Each time a user wishes to change their data, it is signed by the user’s private key to prove ownership, and the database update is paid for. This payment is in the TIE token, and nodes that store the data receive the payouts.
CanYa will harness the power of the decentralisation and make a truly powerful database on the blockchain
Source: Ties.Network
Ties.DB is a distributed system that does not have a single Administration Center, and all management settings are dynamically generated and coordinated with the participants of the system.

CanYa Integration

The CanYa team is excited about the Ties partnership and will work with the Ties team on integration in the CanYa platform. CanYa will be one of the first mainstream platforms to integrate the technology which will reduce CanYa’s cost of maintaining user-data, and adheres’ to CanYa’s decentralisation roadmap.
In return, Ties gains a strong partner willing to help mature their disruptive technology with a real-world global use case.
CanYa is a mature services app that is available on the internet via your laptop or on your Android and Apple iPhone.
Integrations like Ties and CanYa are the start of many – through collaboration the entire blockchain community can advance and mature together.

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