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CanYaCoin’s Community Bounty Program

By simply being an engaging member of the CanYaCoin community, you could earn yourself some free CAN. Up to $176 000USD is up for grabs!

Why a Community Bounty Program?

After introducing to the world our next exciting step is to announce the CanYa Community Bounty Program! The community bounty is designed to give early backers of CanYaCoin a “token” of our appreciation; these tokens will be CanYaCoins (CAN).

CAN tokens have intrinsic value through trustless hedged escrow smart contracts and can be used to directly pay for local and digital services. CanYaCoin will finally bridge the gap between the crypto-community and the general public by allowing you to convert cryptocurrency into real world services.

CanYa is a mature services app that is available on the internet via your laptop or on your Android and Apple iPhone.
CanYa’s community bounty will have access to 2% of all CAN tokens in our rewards pool, meaning there will be a possible 400 000 tokens up for grabs! At the final ICO price this is a huge $100 000 (USD)! All bounties will be given out after the ICO.

How do I participate?

Firstly, head over to the CanYa-io Telegram and get involved with the community. Our Telegram is where questions about bounties can be asked, submissions to the bounty can be made and weekly questions will be posted. Please join the Telegram, then either join our second community discussion Telegram or message @Will_CanYa

From there you can select the bounties that fit you! Have a love for writing? Write a blog about CanYa! Have a buzzing youtube channel? Give us a shout out! Any approved bounty submitted will count towards your CAN distribution!

CanYaCoin relies on and interactive and engaging community and we reward those that participate

There’s no individual cap on bounty contribution but there are a few rules:

  • Most social media, content creation and BitCoinTalk signature bounties can only be claimed once per week.
  • Translation cannot be done using Google translate – this will disqualify the contribution.
  • No spamming bounty submissions – If a bounty is claimed more than once it will not count towards your overall bounty score.

The bounties and their rewards:


Translation bounties enable more people to read and research our BitCoinTalk posts, website and whitepaper. Importantly, please don’t start a translation without discussing it with us over Telegram. Jump into Telegram channel and either join our community discussion channel or message @Will_CanYa

The CanYaCoin Bounty Program has CAN available for translations of our products. Translate early and get some free CAN

  • BitCoinTalk Thread: 1500 CAN
    Languages still left for translation: Japanese, Korean,  Spanish
    Languages completed: Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Mandarin, Hindi
  • Website: 2500 CAN
    Languages still left for translation:  Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
    Languages completed: Indonesian, Russian
  • White paper: 8000 CAN
    Languages completed: Arabic, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish
  • Proofing translated content: 400 CAN
  • Continual moderation of Bounty translation: 500 CAN per week.

NOTE: Translation bounties can only be claimed though Telegram, signup for the CanYa Telegram here, then join our community discussion Telegram channel here or message @Will_CanYa about bounty details.

Content Creation

Content creation bounties gives CanYa more exposure to the community while allowing the team to reflect on the community’s perspective. To participate, your content creation must:

  1. Be at least 250 words in length
  2. Contain at least one link to or other CanYa related content (blogs, bounties, whitepaper etc).
  3. Be publicly accessible (no paywalls)
  4. Be original content

CanYaCoin Content Creation will be your easiest way to get free CAN through the Bounty Program

We encourage our community to participate in our bounty program by playing to their strengths. You have many options to choose from to contribute to the bounty program:

  • Original content:
    Original blog/article: 1000 CAN
    Quality blog/article: 1600 CAN
    **Excellent blog/article: 2000 CAN
  • **Blockchain or Cryptocurrency news outlet coverage: 4000 CAN
  • **Mainstream news coverage: 8000 CAN
  • Youtube Video with at least 500 views: 1000 CAN
  • Youtube Video with at least 1000 views: 2000 CAN
  • Youtube Video with at least 5000+ views: 4000 CAN
  • Youtube Video with at least 50,000+ views: 15000 CAN
  • **Explosive Youtube Video with 100,000+ views: 25,000 CAN

Most content creation bounties can only be claimed once per week (excluding those with **). If in doubt, ask us on Telegram.

Claim original content bounties here.

Bug bounty:

Bug bounties offer some of the biggest CAN returns but will require some digging! For those looking for a deeper understanding of our smart contract code this is a great place to start, simply comment for small improvements in Github and you’ll be rewarded. For larger bugs or security issues a substantial amount of CAN will be rewarded; so get bug hunting!

The CanYa Bounty Program will pay HUGE sums of CAN to people who find critical security or safety bugs in our code

CanYa’s Github link

  • Useful comments & small improvements on Github: 1600 CAN
  • Non urgent bug for Github & website: 3000 CAN
  • Smart contract addition or bug: 15,000 CAN
  • Critical bug in code or security flaw: 40,000 CAN

Bug bounties can only be claimed though Telegram, signup for the CanYa Telegram here, then join our community discussion Telegram channel here or message @Will_CanYa about bounty details.

Social Networks:

Almost everyone has some form of social media account, meaning almost everyone can get involved with this bounty! These bounties utilise your existing social media account; the more likes or exposure you can get, the more CAN tokens you receive! Special bounties can be created for those who can reach a large audience. All accounts will be audited and syndicate liking is not allowed!

Each post must contain at least one link to or other CanYa related content (blogs, bounties, whitepaper ect). 

Facebook and Instagram are both great platforms to promote CanYaCoin to your audience in exchange for free CAN

Twitter is used as a platform to promote the CanYaCoin ICO

Signup for the CanYa Telegram here, then join our community discussion Telegram channel here or message @Will_CanYa about details.

Community Question:

The CanYa community question is a unique part of our community bounty program, this allows the CanYa community to direct our ideas and goals. We will read through every submission and reward the most insightful or helpful comment/suggestion!

  • Weekly prize for our favorite answer: 1000 CAN

Weekly community questions can be answered here.

CanYaCoin will be given the the community members that help promotion the CAN ICO

BitCoinTalk Signatures:

Our BitCoinTalk signature campaign allows users of BitCoinTalk to earn CAN just for posting! Users must have posted at least 5 times and must have the signature activated throughout for at least a week. (We are relying on your integrity but will be checking these accounts at random times so no cheating!)
Our Bitcointalk thread

  • Jr. Members & Members: 500 CAN
    [b]CanYa – Autonomous P2P marketplace of Services [/b] || [url=][b]ICO[/b][/url] || [b][url=]ANN[/url][/b]
  • Full Members: 800 CAN
    [color=#0489B1][b]CanYa[/b] [/color] [b]- Autonomous P2P marketplace of Services[/b] | | [url=][color=#0489B1][b]Initial Coin Offering[/b][/color][/url] | | [b][url=][color=#0489B1]Bitcointalk Thread[/color][/url][/b]
  • Sr. Member & above: 1500 CAN
    [td][color=#0489B1][size=18pt]||[b]CanYa [/b][/size][/color][/td]
    [td][b]Autonomous P2P marketplace of Services[/b]
    [b] [url=][color=#0489B1]Initial Coin Offering[/url] | | [url=][color=#0489B1]Bitcointalk Thread[/url][/b][/td]

Claim BitCoinTalk signature bounties here.

So what are you waiting for?!

Get involved and start earning CAN tokens today! Make sure to get on telegram, subscribe to our newsletter and follow our blog for updates.

CanYa is launching the CanYaCoin Community Bounty Program to reward early adopters with the upcoming CAN ICO

For all the latest news and updates follow us here:

CanYa's subreddit about CanYaCoin CAN

4 comments on “CanYaCoin’s Community Bounty Program

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  2. Crypto investor

    Where can I see the list of the participants and number of CAN’s each one has got?

    Hating your change about Twitter bounty. Don’t you want any participants? Before you had almost none. Now you will have 0! Change it back or I won’t participate in the bounty anymore as others are better than this.


    • Which aspect do you have objection to?
      We have updated the Bounty to double the reward now that we have halved the hard cap.

      The other change was to update the Twitter requirements to reward based on engagement and not simply by Tweeting to an Unengaged audience. If you have suggestions on how to update the twitter category, please email Kyle at

      We have had participation in every aspect of the Bounty Program.


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