5 benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter

Don't feel bad about leaving your pets at home alone, read about how a professional pet sitter will make your pets love the experience!

So you’re going away and you need to work out what to do with your furry best friend?

Sadly texting to check up on your dog doesn’t work.

dog text.png
More amazing dog texts here.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Have someone stay at your place and look after Fluffy and Spot

There is an easier, and a cheaper option for you if you have more than one type of pet and you’re going away for an extended trip. Here are the benefits of having a live-in nanny for your fur children:

  1. Being in their own environment will remove the stress and anxiety many animals feel when they are in an unfamiliar place
  2. Having a sitter means you can ask them to follow your pet’s diet, medical exercise routine
  3. Having someone to play with and give lots of attention to your pet will keep their spirits high while their best friend (you) is away
  4. If something unplanned happens your pet sitter will be there to help – i.e. your trip is extended, a flood occurs or the neighbour’s kids unlock your gate
  5. Keeping your pet at home means they won’t have exposure to other animals’ illness or parasites


Have someone check in on Fluffy and Spot

If you’re going away for a short while (less than a week), have secure fencing, and have pets which won’t get too stressed with being left alone, this is a great option. You can hire someone to drop into your place to feed, walk and play with your pets, while allowing them to stay comfortable in their normal environment.

This is also a much better option if you have farm animals such as pigs, horses, sheep and chicken.

Darwin friends – book Rural Home and Pet Care Services

You can trust these guys to take care of your pets while you’re away – and guess what, they’ll even water your plants and stock up your fridge for your return – winning!

Read more about their work here.

Book them following these steps:

  1. Search for them on CanYa (or skip the hassle and use this link)
  2. Ask for a quote by including a description of the work and some pictures
  3. Chat (message and calling) in-app
  4. Once the job is done you pay with the tap of a button
  5. Review each other to keep the CanYa Community honest!

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